Mr.Finance VFM

The numerous advances in technology have facilitated the digital migration in business as service provision continues to be diversified. The financial sector has taken up the challenge to embrace the inclusion of technology in their service delivery. Several commercial products have been launched, and clients are well oriented in the new approaches. Recently, VisionFund Myanmar (VFM) which is recognized as the second largest microfinance institution in Myanmar partnered with Opportunities NOW (ONOW) to launch Mr.Finance VFM. The partnership is a perfect reflection of the core values that that financial health goes along with financial inclusion and literacy. The new product has been geared to benefit the factory workers in the industrial zones of Yangon. It is a platform that is set to offer financial literacy to the workers especially those who use microfinance as a source of funding. Myanmar has experienced a significant rise in the adoption and use of financial technology, and this provided a firm foundation for the launching of the product.

Mr. Guerol Michael Sari, the Chief Operations Officer at VisionFund Myanmar, believes that client education is a core part of any mission in a company that hopes to achieve financial literacy to the underserved clients in the community. Matt Wallace, the Executive Director and co-founder of Opportunities NOW shares similar believes with Sari. Matt has confidence that financial literacy is essential and this prompted acceptance of the partnership to promote his passion for offering emotional, timely, and straightforward financial education.

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