Empowering Women Farmers in Africa and Asia

African and Asian countries are at the highest risk of impacts of climate change and natural catastrophes. In response to this, an insurance scheme was launched on Thursday as an effort to empower the lives of the 4 million people in Africa and Asia in rebuilding their lives following the experienced disasters. The program will cover areas that have experienced the adverse effects of drought inclusive of Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Zambia and Cambodia and other cyclonical regions in Myanmar where they will place more focus on women and children. The African and Asian Resilience in Disaster Insurance Scheme (ARDIS) is under the leadership of VisionFund International, microfinance firm of World vision. They aim to minimize the vulnerabilities of small business and empower the low-income households in the region.

More than 690,000 families are set to qualify for the scheme, and all the farmers will be a part of the group. Richard Choularton who is an expert in food security and climate resilience base in US-based Tetra Tech International Development Services said that insurance issued are not sufficient to cushion the farmers in their communities. He noted that farmers require more to withstand the economic shocks such as drought and floods. In addition to the insurance, farmers will receive support and loans during the empowerment process.


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