Wan Word Unit Organization Boosts Women on Micro Credit Support

Wan Word Unit Organization (WWUO) has taken up the initiative of boosting people especially women in microfinance. The organization which is newly established is situated at Water Nar Life in Moyiba community. It has provided identity cards to members and created an account with United Bank of Africa to ensure transparency and accountability. The Chairman of WWUO, Mr. Yusif Kamara, expressed his contentment of their achievements which have been rapid due to the commitment and hard work. The organization hopes to establish a microcredit unit to promote women entrepreneurs and men as well. It has continually provided the financial grant to eligible female members to balance gender equality in the community since women are the most vulnerable people. Mr. Kamara said that women had played a significant goal in the development of the organization through financial support meant to promote the engagement of the community through the approach of diplomatic procedures.

WWUO has decided to ten members through microcredit support with minimal interest that will go back to safekeeping. The chairman urged he selected women to make proper use of the money for its intended purpose so that more women can also benefit from the program. The organization hopes to create a revenue mobilization unit for the transformation and sustaining its running and functionality.


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