About Accion East

Accion East is an organization that offers affordable micro finance solution to small businesses owners. The non-profit organization operates nationwide and has empowered small business owners to start their businesses and thrive through the challenging financial times. Apart from financial solutions, the organization provides financial education to the entrepreneurs who are mostly minorities inclusive of women who afterward strengthen the social status of their families and transform the same into the society through the creation of employment.
Accion was founded in 1991 as the domestic arm of Accion International, a global microfinance organization, to provide people with financial tools that would deliver them from poverty. From its operation in major U.S. metropolitan areas, the group has expanded its operations globally through dedication and continued innovation in microfinance. It is among the leading microfinance institutions in the United States that have received some awards for their services.
In 1998, the company received the presidential award for excellence in Microenterprise development for program innovation. Through the years the company has continuously been awarded for its achievements including the partner of the year honoree award in 2009 by Boston Business Journal Corporate Citizenship. Accion offers micro loans from $500 to $50,000 where its consultants engage with their clients directly when assessing their credit and business status. The company also provides loans for start-ups firms and credit development loans.


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