Micro Finance Institutions Network (MFIN)

The microfinance sector in India remains united in the provision of their services through Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN) association. The organization was found in 2009 and has remained functional in India where it is headquartered. The primary objective that inspired the creation of this partnership was to empower the economically underserved communities to achieve financial independence and nurture sustainable livelihoods. To ensure the achievement of this goal, Microfinance Institutions Network has continually worked closely with regulators and critical stakeholders to accomplish larger financial inclusion goal through the use of microfinance.
MFIN ensures its functionality through of self-regulation, Advocacy & Development and making impacts in research and analytics. Self-regulation has maintained transparency and good governance in the functioning of this association of the prominent microfinance institutions in India. The client remains to be the most valued stakeholder of the organization thus the association endeavors to protect and strengthen the customer financially.
MFIN receives recognition as a Primary Representative Body and Self-Regulatory Organization for the Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC). The microfinance institutions that encompass MFIN are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. Currently, the association is comprised of 42 NBFC MFIs. The organizations constitute an approximately 89% of the microfinance businesses in India.



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