Svatantra Microfinance to Expand its Operations

Svatantra Microfinance which is a mid-sized microfinance institution is on the quest to double its loan disbursals to ₹800 crore by 2019 as it expands its operations to more states. The microfinance institution plans to expand its processes across the country and generate a balance sheet of Rs 500 crore in a duration of two years. From the current 85 branches, Svatantra Microfinance plans to grow its footprint to around 190 branches that will be distributed across the 10-12 states.
The company has embraced developments of technology and launched ‘Saathi’ which is a digitalized solution. ‘Saathi’ functions to provide an entire spectrum of operations in the process of loan origination, management, disbursement, and collection. According to Vineet Chattree, the company`s director, Svatantra Microfinance plans to open both organic and inorganic expansion options. Currently, the company is evaluating various products inclusive of affordable home finance and small and medium enterprise lending products
The company, which is based in Mumbai plans to expand their operations in more states this year and generate funds from social capital ventures domestically and globally. Nine financial institutions support Svatantra Microfinance inclusive of public and private sector banks and NBFCs. The company further seeks to enter some global markets from the huge demand-supply gap in the segment to enhance its growth.


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