Artoo`s Partnership with Annapurna Microfinance

Every business strives to become the best in the provision of its services to remain reputable and relevant in the market. In pursuit of this goal, Artoo financial technology firm recently partnered with Annapurna Microfinance. The two partners are in search of a product that enhances loans processing which is less manual by exploring interventions from the available in technology. The partnership will make loan processing efficient through the use of intelligent Digital Loan Origination System from Artoo that reduces the time used to process the loans.
Annapurna Microfinance is established and popular in rural, suburban and tribal communities in different states inclusive of Meghalaya, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and others. Annapurna Microfinance will deploy digital platform by Artoo in several branches of the states. Annapurna targets to distribute loans worth INR 100 Crores in a duration of 12 months.
The partnership was a strategy to respond to the evolving markets that necessitated the update of current processes that would lead to quick and easy credit to the underserved population. The use of Artoo`s platform has minimized human errors and bias and established trust and credibility with the clients. The move for the two microfinance institutions have expanded their reach and enhanced their success. They plan to continue their progress by venturing into micro-housing loans in the future.


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